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Cisco Factory Wireless LAN Solution

Solutions Overview

A robust networking solution that delivers secure, flexible connectivity on a variety of devices. The solution features a persistent wireless architecture that integrates security, mobility, and efficiency, making connected machines, databases, and people possible.

Value Prop

  • Increase reliability through a flexible solution architecture
  • Drive scalability with clear visibility into production processes and performance
  • Maximize security using Cisco’s end-to-end, embedded network security capabilities

Solution Components


  • Intel® Xeon™ processors
  • Intel® I350 Ethernet Controller
  • Intel® Wellsburg PCH
  • Intel® SSD


  • ISE 3515/3595 Secure Network Server
  • AIR-CT5520/8540/9540 Wireless LAN
  • AIR-MSE-3365 Mobility Services

Proven Results

The solution helped AWNC to :

  • Save over $1M in the first year
  • Enable faster speeds and productivity
  • Lower power consumption
  • Process and utilize data like never before

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