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Advantech SPMS / Solar Power Management Solution

Solutions Overview

A unified maintenance platform to integrate multiple systems, collect key equipment data, and optimize power generation.

Value Prop

  • Integrate multiple systems with Advantech hardware and software
  • Collect key equipment data with a solar power data gateway
  • Optimize power generation through multi-dimensional analysis and data mining

Solution Components

  • SPMS Application Server with WinServer 2018 R2 64 bit
  • Solar Power Data Gateway
  • SPMS Software
  • WebAccess/SCADA Software
  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor

Proven Results

Advantech SPMS enabled the Hsinta Power Plant to…

  • Meter, record, and store energy and sunlight data
  • Centrally manage and control equipment
  • Employ remote maintenance and multi-function data modules to optimize asset health and performance

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